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Guitarist, singer and Supermoto frontman Garrison Krotz was on Ryan's radio show in 2020 where they met for the first time. The two hit it off and started collaborating on multiple projects including Supermoto. Ryan has produced both the "Rachel Green" and "Figure 8's" singles along with other Supermoto tracks that are set to release in Summer 2021. 

Rachel Goodman

Anyone But Me.png

Ryan and Rachel met in Chicago in 2018. Ryan and Rachel have shared the stage on multiple occasions and have worked on various projects together. Ryan produced Rachel's latest single "Anyone But Me" in 2020 for release in 2021. Rachel's track was produced under Kind of Red Records by Ryan

Kevin Pollack


Ryan met and interviewed Kevin on his radio show, The Ryan Pollock Show, at 88.1 WCRX-FM. Shortly after, Ryan and Kevin began working on "The Other Side" EP. The tracks were produced by Ryan under Kind of Red Records. Due to a one letter difference, Ryan and Kevin are not related (Ryan PollOck, Kevin PollAck).

Alexis Tyler


Ryan and Alexis first met at college in St. Paul, Minnesota. The two both moved to Chicago separately when their St. Paul college was suddenly shut down. Their music collaboration started when Alexis recorded backup vocals on Ryan's "Hey Girl." Soon after, Ryan produced Alexis's "Bubblegum" under Kind of Red Records.

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